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Give Interiors The Midas Touch

The V+ Luxury Collection from Hoa Binh Group - Viet Nam is a combination of three high-end ...


24K Gold Phoenix Vase

The phoenix, the king of birds is a totem of the empresses, belonging to the four most revered animals of ancient China, together with the dragon, kylin and tortoise which represent fortune, luck and prosperity in the Eastern long held belief.


24K Gold Turtle

In Chinese mythology, Turtle is one of the most sacred animals together with Phoenix, Kylin (unicorn) and Dragon


24K Gold Kylin Vase

Kylin is one of the four most revered animals of ancient China, together with the dragon, phoenix and tortoise.


24K Gold Dragon Vase

According to East Asian belief, the dragon is the leading mascot of the four most revered animals in East Asia, together with the Kylin, Tortoise and Phoenix and regarded as an auspicious creature symbolizing wealth, power and longevity. Meanwhile the app


24k Golden Vase “The Success”

“The success” Vase representing the image of 8 horses is inspired by a traditional folklore which origin comes from the old life of the Han people in China. In spring every year, horses were often left into the woods to lure other wild horses back to thei


24k Golden Vase “The Bon Voyage”

The “Bon Voyage” Vase is inspired by a common Chinese idiom (“In smooth Waters”) that implies something is executed perfectly, with no problems or difficulties. Like the image of a boat full of fortune, smoothly sailing to the homeowner.


24k Golden Vase “The rise of Dragon”

Our set of Golden Vases is a series of interior decorative items to fit the luxurious environment of hotels and houses.


24K Golden Teapot Set “Longevity”

Tea has long become a lifestyle rather just a beverage so choosing the quality of the tea itself matters as much as the quality of the tea container which is essentially important to maintain the genuine taste of tea leaves.


24k Golden Cutlery set “Prosperity”

Flatware set is not merely used for dining purpose but also as a decoration as part of the “art de table” and it can demonstrate the power of the hosts as much as how much they care for their guests. Moreover, a lot of researches have proved that gold eve